“The average chicken need in Malaysia is 2.09 million birds per day, or 62.9 million chickens per month”. Malaysians are said to perish if there is no chicken. This story aims to demonstrate the importance of chicken to the people.

There are around 141 halal slaughterhouses in Malaysia that have been recognised by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department’s Halal Hub Division (JAKIM). All factories must adhere to standards governing food production, preparation, handling, and storage.

To butcher chicken, each facility and its workers must have SOPs and follow Sharia procedures. The legislation allows for the fainting of the animal itself before slaughter, either via electricity or otherwise, as long as the animal does not die.

Procedure Before butchering the chicken, the drum will be sprayed with water to calm and sanitise it. Before the chicken is slaughtered, its condition will be evaluated. Healthy chickens will take precedence over dead or damaged birds.

The chicken will then be knocked unconscious before the staff begin the killing procedure. Other professionals will examine the chicken to verify that the respiratory tract and alimentary canal are not severed.

To remove the feathers, the slain chicken is washed in hot water. Workers inspect the butchered chicken one last time to ensure that no feathers or broken bones remain. The chicken will then be bathed in cold water before being sliced. When the following requirements are satisfied, slaughter is deemed valid:

  1. Slaughtering implements should be sharp and capable of draining blood.
  2. Only say God’s name or read the Basmallah.
  3. In one motion, sever the throat and two neck veins.
  4. The butcher is a mature Muslim. The slaughterer is allowed to be a scholar of the text in the Hanafi Madhhab.

According to the above description, if all of the above conditions are completed and it is evident that the chicken is dead, it is not incorrect to immediately immerse it in hot water for the plucking procedure. However, if the chicken is not entirely dead, it is preferable not to immerse it in hot water right away since it may cause the chicken to endure anguish for a longer period of time than the slaughter itself. This is because, in addition to meeting the above standards, the animal’s manners or ethics must also be followed, such as not using a blunt slaughtering instrument, which causes the animal to suffer more agony and takes longer to die, and not displaying the slaughtering tool in front of the animal.


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