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6 UTC Selangor Food Businesses Gain BESS Certification

UTC Selangor Participants Lead the Way in Safe and Healthy Food Practices with Bersih, Selamat dan Sihat (BeSS) Certification

Six food premises operators from UTC Selangor have recently obtained the Bersih, Selamat dan Sihat (BeSS) certification, highlighting their commitment to providing safe and healthy food for their customers. The BeSS certification program is aimed at encouraging food business operators to adopt safe and wholesome practices, in line with the Ministry of Health’s objective to promote healthy lifestyles and diets for the population.

The six newly certified premises include D Best Cafe & Catering, Selera Utara, Iran Mom Delight, Citarasa Thai, Mesra Cafe & Catering, and Kopi Santai. These operators have demonstrated their compliance with a full spectrum of basic hygiene requirements, including operation control, hygiene and maintenance, traceability, and record-keeping.

With the increasing trend of eating out, it is crucial for food business operators to ensure that their premises are up to par with food safety regulations. By obtaining the BeSS certification, these six participants have set an example for other food premises operators to follow, and have shown that they are committed to providing safe and wholesome food for their customers.

The BeSS certification program is an important step towards strengthening the local economy and fostering global sustainability, as it encourages the skills and potential of local halal businesses and the products and services they offer. With this certification, these six participants are not only meeting the regulatory requirements but also contributing to the growth of the halal industry in Malaysia.

In conclusion, the certification of these six food premises operators from UTC Selangor serves as a reminder of the importance of safe and healthy food practices. Their commitment to providing quality food will undoubtedly attract more customers and contribute to the overall growth of the halal industry.

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