The term “no pork” or “pork free” has regularly been used in the non-Muslim or non-halal premise. This issue also happens in every country worldwide, including Malaysia, where most of the population is Muslim.

This issue had been raised among Muslims in the country when it became a trend among some of the restaurants that decided to put that label – which confused the public about the functionality of those terms.

Despite living in Muslim countries, this issue always happened where there still some companies decide to put it up open to the public – while the sign “Pork Free” is not official register under any organisation, including the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Let’s talk about intention.

The intention of the restaurant owner to put the label outside of their premise as” No Pork” is to attract the Muslim eater, which Halal is the most considerate concern and requirement for Muslims before enjoying eating.

Majlis Agama Terengganu has decided that the labels “Pork Free” or “No-Pork” are not allowed to be displayed in any shop in the Terengganu. According to e- Sumber Maklumat Fatwa (SMF) from JAKIM, based on the syar’iyyah, the Terengganu State Fatwa Committee Meeting which convened on 10 Rajab 1437 corresponding to 18 April 2016, decided to agree that the term “pork free” should be banned by the authorities because it confuses the Muslim community about the halal status of a food item.


e-SMAFJAKIM http://esmaf.islam.gov.my/esmaf/index.php/main/mainv1/fatwa/pr/15695

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