HQC has been appointed as Halal Supporting Partner to organize the Halal Business Conference and Business Networking Dinner for RESONEX.

Handover of the HQC Logo as a symbol of HQC’s collaboration as a Halal Business Partner for RESONEX by Dato’ Sri Irmohizam Group CEO of WTCKL to Dato’ Khairul, CEO of HQC.


Kuala Lumpur –  World Trade Centre (WTC) will soon unveil a new platform that aims to be a pioneer of has never been seen before in Malaysia and also in South East Asia. Together with Main Organizer Eventree (M) Sdn Bhd and Collaboration Partners Diverge Retail Sdn Bhd and Accelerator Resources Sdn Bhd, the strategic efforts put together will bring about Malaysia’s 1st Ever Retail Solution Expo – RESONEX.

According to World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Group Managing Director Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Irmohizam Hj Ibrahim asked,” If you google, how many retailers are there in Malaysia? It was recorded that there are over 450,000 retailers in Malaysia. Now if you multiply that number with a realistic potential of 10 Solution Providers across an average transaction of RM 1,200 per year, we are looking at an industry which is worth RM 5.4 billion in revenues a year – of which I am very sure that the numbers are much more than that. Now isn’t that an eye opener for all of us? That is why the partners felt that this could be a significant industry of which less attention has been paid too and therefore RESONEX was birthed.”

What classifies Retail? Most of the time, what comes to mind would be the F&B industry or Groceries but Retail itself is made up of over 30 types of Solution Providers ranging from Consultants to Professional Services such as Healthcare and even Automotive, as Dato’ Sri would say, “It is big a very big segment. “That too should be an eye opener for many to know how more opportunities can be further tapped upon.

RESONEX is THE platform. Not content with being just an Exhibition, RESONEX aims to be The International Trade Product Sourcing Expo that all Retailers will need to know and agree that it is for Business to Business (B2B) matching Product, Platform & Service Providers with Retailers. It will showcase the latest innovations & technologies to support the Acceleration of Retail Store Performance and be the

Shopping Haven for Retailers. The RESONEX Team believes it will be the driving force behind a New Congregation of The Best Retail Solution Providers from across Asia!

As mentioned earlier, RESONEX is the 1st of its kind in Malaysia and it will be held in World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2022. With its theme of “Shaping Retail Transformation”, RESONEX is expecting total participation of more than 350 booths and it aims to garner over 15,000 visitors from all around the world.

From the words of the Founder & CEO of Eventree (M) Sdn Bhd, Mr Eddie Low,” Although we are just nearing halfway through our preparations, we have received very positive responses and enquiries and till date, we are more than 40% sold. We attribute all these good results to simply good committed teamwork. I would like to thank our Supporting Partners for believing in this platform and partnering with us to achieve greater heights for the Retail Solution industry. I also want to credit MATRADE for being with us on this journey. You will see all the partners with us with their logos on our Corporate Communications”

RESONEX is offering 1 Exhibition Booth of 3m x 3m at RM 5,000 per booth. Alternatively for International Participants, the booth is sold at USD 1,600 per booth and reception has been extremely favourable. Thus far, RESONEX has managed to secure engagements to Co-Host the well-known MCTE – Malaysia China Trade Expo with close to 150 booths This is a huge milestone for RESONEX and has further pushed our agenda to pursue more collaborations with Singapore and Taiwan bringing in the numbers respectively. In total, RESONEX is also in talks with more than 20 countries from across the world including our neighbouring countries- Thailand and Indonesia, Korea and Japan from Eastern Asia to also scratching the surfaces of The United Kingdom and The United States of America.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Irmohizam Hj Ibrahim also added, “WTC is committed to use our network to reach out globally about this event. When Eddie approached us to be partners, we were convinced by his vision because WTC also wanted to follow suit. We are proud to be part of this as we have a mid to long-term plan to make RESONEX an Asian Icon for Malaysia in the Retail Solution space.” Dato’ Sri also mentioned that this would attract the attention of the Malaysian government sectors respectively as it will make Malaysia proud and attract foreign investors to the country. He emphasized that WTCKL has adopted RESONEX as a pioneer project collaboration between venue providers and organizers in revitalizing the local business event industry.

What is instilled for all those who are participating?  First of all, we have our Online and Offline Business Matching Specialist (MISO TRADE) who will also plan trade mission business trips for the exhibitors who are keen. To further facilitate this, we will also be conducting Lounges for Business

Matching activities. On the third day, there will be a HALAL Conference Summit that will cater to about 500 to 800 pax. “The Team is still working hard to organize more activities throughout these 3 days i.e., a potential Ladies Leading Summit 2022 together with Caring Moms and more. All this, we will provide more updates in our next Press Release in 2 months’ time.” Eddie mentioned.

Stay tuned to all communication channels for more announcements and follow RESONEX on Social Media to join us on our Webinars open for all to know more about RESONEX. Just sign up through the link below.

Those keen on enquiring more may refer to the following:

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